Schedule of Website Design Fees:

Some designers don’t like to list their fee structure for all to see, I’m not one of them. I’ve always found it much better to let my clients know up front what they can expect a website to cost depending on their individual needs. I feel confident that I deliver a superior custom Website at a reasonable fee.

  • NEW! ADD VIDEO OR VOICE TO YOUR WEBSITE!, $65 per hour. By adding video or voice to your website you establish a powerful personal connection with your web visitors! This connection turns your visitors into buyers and or clients. I supply the camera, lighting, editing and computer know how - you provide your unmistakable charm!
  • Design Consultation, no charge. I don’t charge for the initial client meeting. I think it’s very important to get the sense of what the client wants to accomplish with their website. Design schemes and elements are carefully based upon personal preferences and the scope of information to be presented on the site.
  • Website Design, $350. This is the actual “Look and feel” of your custom website. The graphic interface is what your visitors will use to navigate the pages of your site. Design elements will include items such as menus, pictures, animations, etc.
  • Website pages, $125 per page. Once your website is designed, you’ll want to add pages of written content and pictures depending on your particular focus. I’ve compiled a list of the most requested pages to help give you an idea of what your needs might be:

Home - Welcome & introduction
About Us - Your overview
Contact Us - Phone, fax and email
Links - Internet links to informative sites
Newsletter - Keep clients informed
FAQs - Save time and effort for staff
Privacy & Disclaimer - Disclosures
Procedures - Services offered
Patient Education - Patient resources
Conditions - Common conditions & causes
Financial Arrangements - Office policies
Gallery of Cases - Before & after photos
Testimonials - From current clients
Technology - What you use
Articles & Publications - Of yours
Patient Forms - Available 24 hours a day
Biography - Bio with photo

  • Website Hosting, $100 per year. Once your website is finished, I transfer the completed design to a “Website Hosting Company.” This company “hosts” your website on one of their powerful computers designed specifically to interface your website with the Internet, making your information available to web visitors 24/7.
  • Domain name registration, $10 per year. This is the actual name you decide you would like for your website. Domain names must be renewed every year. If you already have a registered domain name this charge does not apply.
  • Website changes, $65 per hour. After your site has been up and running, you may decide to change pictures or text on the existing pages. If you require completely new pages, then the standard charge of $125 per page would apply.
  • Payment terms. Once pricing and website options have been established, I require a 1/3 deposit to begin designing your custom website and the balance upon completion.